15 September 2006 @ 08:09 pm
to protect the innocent?
Now that my nearest and dearest are scattered all over the earth, I feel the need to elaborate a little on those I mention here, as they all have their own nicknames and I'm sure many of them don't know who I'm talking about much of the time. So without further ado....

Cast of Characters
сестра[livejournal.com profile] mneme_metis, a friend since 6th grade, my co-writer, sometime mirror, fellow former grad school sufferer
Czarina[livejournal.com profile] insanedeity, a friend from high school, amazing writer/actress/director, fellow fanfic...er, fan, reason I'm an x-phile :)
Elessarmy little brother, brilliant, solemn, witty, cocky, who likes classic rock at least as much as I do
Hermionemy youngest sister, fellow Harry Potter freak, owner of my share of the outgoing genes
Rose Redmy younger sister, botanist, healer, craftswoman, lioness, and maman
DragonRose Red's husband, computer-savior, frequently referred to as "my brother" in conversation
BantlingRose Red and Dragon's eldest little one, my first nephew born September 19th
DraclingRose Red and Dragon's second little one, my first niece born April 3rd
FledglingRose Red and Dragon's third little one, my second nephew born January 13th
Cyranoformer Barnes & Noble coworker, currently partner in Evil, provider of all things book-wonderful and film-beautiful, fellow IHOP-haunter, and always Kimi-advocate
Eolande[livejournal.com profile] milos_sunrise, also former B&N coworker, current partner in Crazy, fellow children's book devotee, believer in faeries, and art-explorer
Odette[livejournal.com profile] pas_de_cheval, friend and sometime foil, dancer, horse people, fount of all things animal, fellow SLIS cult member (we drink Wild Turkey instead of the red Kool-Aid)
Beatriceformer B&N coworker and current New Yorker, artist, fellow Valkyrie and other half of Fanny Goodluck (future romance novelist), lady of wit, wisdom, and whimsy
Lissa[livejournal.com profile] ludzu_alus, former B&N coworker and fellow survivor of Cookie Girl, drawer of dragons and Armageddon Worms, meme enabler, prodigious reader, villain of good heart and sneaky schemes, lens-speaker: photographer
And then there's Sev. He's imaginary. But if you want to get to know him, I'd suggest heading here and working your way down.

Not that this is everyone. This is just everyone with a nickname. So this list will only GROW!! Mwhahahaha!

Love Song: Shawn Mullins - Find Love
Prepare a Face: faintly ridiculous