([identity profile] wrote on July 1st, 2014 at 03:24 am
Yes, we are all geeks together! I do not, however, agree that all geeks would have been in the comic book club. I think it's funny the quiz just associates liking comic books with being a geek of all kinds.

Your Disney couple result totally suits. I could never see you with someone who didn't get along with your family. Your family is like the test they must pass, but once you pass, you're golden!

I like your finger quiz result much better than mine. Though what's funny is that the ring is on the index finger in the picture instead of the ring finger. Maybe a secret hint that ring and index have similarities? Or maybe they truly are enemies if the index stole ring's ring. Wait, why am I even posting here? I'm supposed to stay away from you! Well, I guess our friendship is now over. So long. It was great knowing you.

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